What an honor and how much fun to sit down with MP (Mary Pat Mueller) of Tribeza magazine. I truly think we could have talked 24 hours (actually days) on the fashion industry, trends, Austin style, the do’s and sometime do’s of fashion. I live and breath fashion as I see it in art, culture, the world around us and since I have the pleasure of making a living with my passion I am always grateful to give an opinion. Afterall, isn’t that what we all love to do? Nothing excites me more than to meet artists/creators whose work moves me. Discovering and sharing the excitement is really what my website is all about. Traveling and exploring my whole life has given me a curiosity to seek out the beauty found in unexpected people, places, and things.

So thank you, Tribeza. Your magazine and newsletter keeps me current on the latest people, places, parties, and talent here in Austin.

Ann Kasper fashion industry brand and marketing consultant.Tribeza Magazine Style – Ann Kasper

“If Ann Kasper was a Venn diagram, she would emerge in the brightly colored area where three things overlap: a cellular-level love of fashion, luxury retailer management experience and devotion to a blind pug named Stella who wears a metal halo to help her get around. Kasper ran the Saks Fifth Avenue store here in Austin and has worked with numerous others, including Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Anthropologie. She got her fashion start in Los Angeles, learning the cashmere sweater business from her uncle, and counts Eileen Fisher as a mentor. She and Ms. Fisher are still close. No surprise, Ann loves to shop.

Kasper lives in a modern garden home just east of I-35 with her husband Lee Einsweiler, an urban planning consultant. Their home is filled with lots of natural light, art and family photos. A crystal chandelier hangs over a table on the outdoor patio. We sat down with her to talk about fall fashion, developing a personal style and if bandage dresses will ever be moving from the catwalk to a gangplank.” Continue reading here: TRIBEZA



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