It was an idea, a thought –

I got a call from my college friend, Sissy Cutchen, about all the amazing artists who went to Mills College. She had an idea to form a network to raise awareness of these artists and raise money for a Mills scholarship. Well, a year later and many, many conversations and many, many computer glitches, we held the first annual Mills Art Auction here on prunella darling.

The response was wonderful from the donating artists, alumnae from across the country, and friends of everyone, and we raised over $50,000 towards a scholarship and endowment in the name of the Mills Artist Network.  Oh, yes Sisters (and Brothers) are doing it for themselves.  Mills College was founded in 1852 and is the oldest undergraduate college for women in the West. (The wild,wild West!) I was lucky enough to attend Mills for 4 years and the women from around the world I met during those 4 years and the women I continue to meet who attended Mills have enriched my life and been such a support to me. I had to support Sissy in this goal. Besides, I love art and artists.

Getting to know so many artists who shared with us their experiences at Mills, and how excited they all were to connect with each other and donate their art, was truly energizing. The group formed a private Facebook page (contact Ray Beldner or Sissy Cutchen for sharing news, art openings, and support. Thanks to Nikole Adams (Alumnae Relations and Annual Fund Director/Office of Institutional Advancement and her team who sponsored our Artist Open House during reunion in September. And to Diane Hoffman, our alum on the phone, rallying the various Alumnae groups across the country – thank you. A big shout-out to Bryan Cutchen and Lee Einsweiler our in-house IT specialists. 🙂

Every picture tells a story and I hope you will explore the stories behind these pictures and enjoy the passion these artists have shared.

Here are all the participating artists. You can click on their sites or get in touch with me and I will make sure you are connected. The work is an eclectic mix of mediums and only represents what they donated, so to see more of their work and range of their art go to their websites. Reading about their art, seeing their art, the shows, who collects them, it is all fascinating. The creative artist constantly at work, exploring life, expressing thought, making magic. Enjoy and watch for next year’s Mills Art Auction here on prunella darling. Collecting has never been so fun.

ROW 1 : Nancy Gilbert Lindburg “Study of Flowers #5; Alexandra Bailliere “Sleep” ; Janey Gibson Jordan “Ginger”; Maile Marshall “Thought” contact prunella darling; Kit Davenport “Ganga Backfoot”; Janet Jacobs “Untitled”

ROW 2 : Sarah Frederick “Terrain” contact prunella darling; Annie Seaton “Indigo Surfer”; Ellen Blakeley “Manet,Cezanne and Seurat”;Laura Splan “Manifest(Smile)”; Sissy Cutchen “AmericanFlag”; Ilana Crispi “laventana mas limpia”

ROW 3 : Danica Nungaray “The Holes In Your Theory lV”; Joy Harvey “Celestial Lady” Joy can be reached at 559-539-6123 or; Phyllis Lasche “Totem #3”; Diane Pierce “Untitled Photo Collage 2012”; Bonnie Neumann “Crosscurrents#4”; Susan Zehnder “Cherry Blossoms”

ROW 4 : Amelia Tierney “Cuban Americana”; Ida Alamuddin “Shoes”; Jan Cyr “Cancer Survivor”; Betsy Kendall “meeker Clouds”; Elizabeth B. Hough “M.Butterfly”; Nancy Green “Shadows of the Past”

ROW 5 : Susan Winston “Glass Eye” www.SusanWinstonart.comSarah Frederick “Terrain” contact prunella darling; Jenifer Kent “Hover 2016”; Janey Gibson Jordan “Ginger”

ROW 6 : Ray Beldner “UntitledCollage”; Ara Lucia “the last outposts of civilization”; Dinah Cross James “The Blackbird Nesting”

ROW 7 : Laura Splan :manifest(Smile)”;Kristin Otwell “Anderson Valley Aerial”; Kristin Doner “Fern Series in Inky Aether”; Jessie Thatcher “Continuously Recorded Series”

ROW 8 : Jennifer Church “Strawberry Fields” peachesandcreamquilts/etsy; Lorinda Bader Reichert “Fall at Portola Pastures ll” You can contact the artist via email:; Isabel Wade “Bog or Blue Spike Sage”

ROW 9 : Maru Hoeber “DISLOCATION”; Matt Glavin “seaworks #21”; Don Grant “WAITING” contact Rik Ritchey

ROW 10 : Susan Hart “Ideal Love”; Nikki King “Tree Forms”; Sissy Cutchen “Hatch Ideas”

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