Halos for Paws – What to do if your dog is blind.

Stella suddenly went blind and we were at a loss to help her navigate.
We soon learned through our wonderful vet that SARDS – Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome –
was the cause of Stella’s loss of site.We found Halos For Paws online and immediately ordered a vest for her.
It was a miracle.
The moment we put her in her couture made to measure vest she ran around like a puppy.
The vest gives dogs confidence and protects them from everything.
It is hard to not to laugh as she ping pongs her way around the world but she loves it.I encourage everyone who has or knows a dog that is partially or fully blind to contact Halos for Paws and order a vest for their family member. Tell them prunella darling sent you.


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