We were determined to see the newly opened Ritz in Paris and have a drink in the Hemingway bar. True to their word the Ritz was given a wonderful make-over but still maintained the elegance and beauty of it’s history. Alas, we were there not to stay overnight but to soak in all the chic and drink a few cocktails. It was fashion week and the small bar was filled to capacity with fashionista after fashionista, many international elegant singles and couples and a few old regulars who greeted the bartender like familia. I felt like someone gave me the secret code to a private club for the night. The service was elegant, familiar, perfect. The cocktails were strong, expensive, and arrived with a fresh flower attached. I was in love. My husband was amused that I was so easy … I didn’t have the heart to explain. Everyone should have such a moment. Thank you Roman,The Hemingway Bar, and The Ritz Paris. I look forward to our next date.       

The Ritz Paris

The Hemingway Star

The Ritz Hemingway Bar

Shhhhh no pictures. Thank you Roman for looking the other way. You were so kind.

The Hemingway Bar

One sip and you are transported to another world.

The Ritz Paris

The courtyard at the Ritz Paris. We really enjoyed our tour.

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