Enjoy my conversation from June 2016 and pick up any of his books for fun summer reading.

Michael Gross is a fascinating man. But you don’t need me to tell you that – the New York Times bestselling author, who has spent more than three decades covering fashion and fashion photography is adding another page turner to the stack: FOCUS (which hits stores July 5th), 740 Park, Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, Rogues’ Gallery, House of Outrageous Fortune and Unreal Estate – all books that keep the reader mesmerized (the famous who are in the books and the rest of us who just love all things fabulous).

I had a chance to to ask Michael a few fun facts:

Does he have a favorite destination (considering he works as a travel writer).

“My favorite place is an empty, medusa-free beach. And my favorite city is Rome.” 

A favorite article of clothing?

“Lately, a pair of ultra-skinny no-name-label jeans from a little shop on the left bank in Paris. For a long time before that, orange suede penny loafer driving shoes from Laurent Effel in Gustavia, St. Bathelemy.

Favorite Food? “Sea Urchin fresh from the shell.”

Technology of the moment? “My favorite gadget is always my latest and lately that’s my IPAD Air2”

“Word or phrase you use ALL the time?  “ARGH”

Thank you Michael.


Michael Gross #focusyourselfie

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