My darling husband and I spent a few days in Rome and we wanted to experience Rome in a way that felt new, young, and vibrant. To see the historic city through the eyes of a resident. I found Scooteroma Tours via word of mouth. After reading about Annie (a native Minnesotan) and Giovanni (born and raised an hour from Rome in Fiuggi) I knew we had found kindred spirits. Annie had worked in NY in fashion and fell in love with Italy…you can ask her about their love story.

We were picked up by two dashing young men from our hotel and immediately started racing around Rome and the countryside as if we were just another set of young (at heart) couples off to meet up with friends. We were seeing traditional sites but also sites not in the guide books….places only Romans would visit. Plus, we heard stories about the city and growing up in Rome.  Our guides were so knowledgeable and appreciative of the city/Italy. So proud of their heritage.

What can I say – I have always loved Rome, but on this afternoon I fell in love even more with the people, history, and my husband. It was thrilling to move thru crazy traffic and zip up and down the hills surrounding the city. My love of Vespa as a mode of transportation continues to feed my fantasies of a Roman Holiday.

Let me know if you have also toured Italy on a scooter (every city uses this as a mode of transportation). And please say hello to Annie and Giovanni when you’re in Rome.

Ciao for now.

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