Seal of Approval

The Right To Shower

The Right To Shower is a company I discovered that is changing social entrepreneurialism. How fantastic is that - a friends daughter from San Francisco wanted to make a difference and viola this...

The Right To Shower

Tomato Dinner 2019

We are obsessed over tomatoes. Every year we plant a few tomatoes and carefully watch over them. One year it was the squirrels who took ownership of our tomatoes. Another year it was the wiggly...

The Tomato Dinner

Puerto Rico

We were so excited to visit Puerto Rico and see how the country was recovering after the horrible storms. Lee had worked early in his career in the city of Ponce and we were able to drive over...

Puerto Rico

Be Still My Sugar Coated Heart

I am the first to admit I love sweets. I know, I know sugar is bad. However, every now and then a sweet made with LOVE, given with LOVE, and eaten with LOVE, can be one of best experiences and...

Fluff Meringues

Bon Marche “A colorful lifestyle”

Our Summer Seal of Approval goes out to We were lucky to be invited to Santa Fe, New Mexico and amid the incredible American Indian jewelry, Opera, food, hiking and the...

The Bon Marche

Good Karma Dog Toys from Jax & Bones

These adorable rope dog toys from Jax & Bones come in 2 sizes and are offered in a variety of animal shapes. The toys are made from 100% natural dyed cotton thread and are hand tied. Proven...

Rope Dog Toys

Deborah Ehrlich Crystal

Deborah Ehrlich Crystal Champagne Glasses Champagne, Yes Please Deborah Ehrlich is an artist in spirit and form and she has been designing simple glassware since 1999. She created these...

Deborah Ehrlich

The Perfection of Hermès

  The Humanity of Hermès by BY SULEMAN ANAYA for BOF How does a company that proudly eschews the usual means of generating desirability remain the most desirable luxury brand in...


Seal of approval

Seal of Approval

I love, love, love certain things and I want to share them with you. Here are a few of the words that I use when I find something I have to share: sophisticated, beautiful, eccentric, special, creative, limited, humorous, distinctive, memorable, stylish, inspiring, socially conscious, opinionated, classic, divine

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