The Right To Shower is a company I discovered that is changing social entrepreneurialism. How fantastic is that – a friends daughter from San Francisco wanted to make a difference and viola this amazing company was born. Who can argue with their mission :

Access to cleanliness is a fundamental human right.

The Right To Shower
With every product you buy, you help them build mobile showers for people living on the streets.

They are a social enterprise, sustainable and giving back. This their first year they have committed to giving back 100% of profits to mobile shower initiatives that help people experiencing homelessness.

So when you purchase and use (or give as a gift) The Right To Shower products, you’re helping to give people dignity, hope, strength, and joy that can come from a single shower. I bought all the body washes! My favorites are joy and strength. Let me know which ones you love and if you bought any for gifts.

You can buy them here on their website and you can also buy them on Amazon.

Happy showering.

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